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Synopsis Dance Company is performing for Art Moves in Oklahoma City, May 9, Noon – 1 PM, Common Entry of Leadership Square located at 211 N Robinson Ave # 400. They will also perform in Tulsa.
"Synopsis" is the name of the city of Tiberias's official dance company, situated on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the Kinneret. The company's base of operation is the City Stage – Tiberias Center of Excellence for Performing Arts for Dance and Theater. It is operated by the municipal Community Centers Network. As of 2015, it includes approximately 300 dancers and actors.

Synopsis Dance Company includes 8 dance groups and 2 breakdance groups divided according to age groups. The company takes part in various events in the public realm and represents Tiberias locally, nationally and internationally in many festivals, competitions and performances.

The companies repertoire is very diverse and includes dances and movements suited for every event or topic. The dances incorporate unique musical arrangements, impressive costumes and stage props that create a special cultural experience for the audience.

The dance company has formulated its own movement language, combining past and present, tradition and modernity. The themes of the dances play in between these axes while dealing with Israeli, Jewish and International narratives

As part of the company's activities, the dancers can enroll for an in-depth course of dance studies through high school. The dancers also enjoy various social activities and dance workshops in various styles and disciplines. The core genres of the studies are: Israel Traditional Folk Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Composition and Improvisation, Break-dance, And Contemporary Israeli Dance.