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Facts About Israel:
Relative to its population, Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth.

Immigrants come in search of democracy, religious freedom, and economic opportunity.
Sherwin Pomerantz and Ben Dansker, partners of Atid E.D.I* in Jerusalem, were in Oklahoma City in March to visit with OKIE Board members and meet with newly appointed Secretary of Commerce, Dave Lopez, and Secretary of Agriculture, Jim Reese. The meetings were very productive and both Secretaries stated the desire to continue the strong partnership between Oklahoma and Israel forged by the three previous administrations. Mr. Pomerantz was kind enough to share his views of the meetings:

Department of Commerce
Secretary of Commerce David Lopez is a breath of fresh air coming from the private sector and is open to suggestions for moving the ODOC/Israel partnership forward in a positive manner. He sees the critical role that OKIE plays in the equation and is supportive of OKIE's agenda. The Secretary understands the importance of the connection between Israel and Oklahoma and is encouraged that the FY'12 budget will permit the continued operation of the Israel Office. (Israel is one of four offices located outside the contiguous United States. The others are Mexico, China and Vietnam.)

Secretary Lopez is prepared to support an Oklahoma-Israel Business Forum where Israeli companies in a given sector would make presentations, via video- conference, to an assemblage of Oklahoma companies interested in exploring business opportunities.

Department of Agriculture
Secretary of Agriculture, Jim Reese, recognizes the long and productive history of cooperation between Israel and Oklahoma in the AG sector. He has a particular interest in water-related projects and believes that Oklahomans can benefit from interaction with Israel in that area. The Secretary is aware of the four prior ODOA/OKIE missions to Israel and hopes to continue these in the future as well.

Jamey Allen, the new Director of Marketing Development Services for ODOA, attended our meeting and is also interested and supportive in maintaining the OK-Israel AG connection.

Both Secretaries Lopez and Reese are exploring a trade mission to Israel in FY '12 headed by Governor Mary Fallin along with cabinet heads and representatives of Oklahoma companies considering doing business with Israel.

OKIE and E.D.I. look forward to finding ways to increase exports from Oklahoma to Israel and encouraging new companies to explore business opportunities between the two regions.
At Department of Commerce
Dessie Apostolova, Susan Robertson, Sherwin Pomerantz, Sandy Pratt, Ben Dansker, Sec. Dave Lopez
At Department of Agriculture
Jamey Allen, Sherwin Pomerantz, Sec. Jim Reese, Ben Dansker, Susan Robertson, Barbara Charlet
At Department of Commerce
Sherwin Pomerantz,
Sec Dave Lopez,
Ben Dansker
Atid E.D.I Officials Visit Oklahoma
Departments of Agriculture and Commerce